• An aerosol product. Designed for the rapid decontamination of inaccessible surfaces, to reduce cross infection in high risk environments. Does not contain inflammable gases.
  • Triple enzyme instrument and equipment cleaner

    Enzystel is a triple enzymatic instrument and equipment cleaner and a bactericidal multi-enzyme detergent concentrate that dissolves and removes proteinaceous and organic material (blood, saliva, mucus, etc.) from the surfaces of instruments and equipment. Enzystel is non-foaming (designed as a pre-autoclave or automated system cleaner) and non-corrosive (safe on all metals, plastics, rubbers, etc). All Enzystel products are:
    • Safe and easy to use
    • Effective at low temperatures
    • Non-corrosive
    • Non-foaming
  • Low Powder 

    Premium low powdered, non-sterile, ambidextrous examination gloves made from natural latex for a close fit and excellent feel. Beaded cuff for added strength (reduces likelihood of tearing while donning).
  • High Level Instrument Disinfectant

    Medistel is the preferred product for the chemical reprocessing of thermo-sensitive surgical instruments, flexible or rigid endoscopes and devices. Medistel is an instrument disinfectant that combines secure microbiological credentials with safety in use and a quick contact time. Medistel is suitable for both human and veterinary applications for high-level disinfection of surgical instruments and medical devices at a dilution of 1:20. Medistel disinfects in 10 minutes and sterilises in 30minutes. Medistel is primarily designed for open tank use but its unique flexibility also renders it suitable for other medical apparatus including ultrasonic baths. Medistel is economic to use – once diluted/mixed, solution can be used for up to 14 days. All Medistel products are:
    • Fast-acting
    • Safe-to-use
    • Economical
    • Non-corrosive
  • Nitrile Gloves

    $20.00 incl GST

    Latex Free – Powder Free

    Non-sterile, ambidextrous gloves made from 100% nitrile rubber that is 5 times stronger than latex and does not contain the latex proteins. Non slip textured finish for greater grip and beaded cuff for added strength (less likely to tear when donning).
  • SteriGENE® is a mixture of halogenated tertiary amine and organic salts <15%, polymeric biguanide hydrochloride surface active agents corrosion inhibitor, chelating agents, stabilising agents and demineralised water. SteriGENE® is free of aldehydes, chlorine and phenols and is concentrated for on-site dilution. Available in 250ml and 500ml RTU, and 1lt, 2lt 5lt, 20lt concentrate.


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  • With Micro-Emulsion Technology  SteriGENE at 1:100 dilution. High level, ready-to-use Disinfectant and Cleaner. SteriGENE® destroys bacteria, fungi, protozoa, spores and viruses. SteriGENE® may be used on most hard surfaces including food preparation areas. SteriGENE® is biodegradable, a Chlorine, Phenol and Aldehyde free disinfectant.
  • Available as:
    • 100ml RTU spray
    • 500ml RTU spray
    • 1 Litre RTU Refill
    • 2 Litre RTU Refill
    • 20 Litre RTU Refill
    • Wipes 100’s
    • Wipes 200’s
    • 250ml concentrate
    • 1 Litre concentrate
    • 2 Litre concentrate
    • 5 Litre concentrate
    • 20 Litre concentrate


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