Lathering Skin Scrub

MediScrub is a skin pH (7.0) Soap Scrub Solution with anionic and amphoteric surfactants, a powerful and effective disinfectant alternative to PVP Iodine or chlorhexidine. Available in 5ltr and 500ml bottles. Counters the problems of skin drying from conventional surgical scrub by the inclusion of skin emollients. Proven effective against a wide variety of bacteria, fungi and viruses, including MRSA and Clostridium Diffisile.



Chemical type Polymeric Biguanide in an Amphoteric Surfactant base
Major Ingredients Polymeric Biguanide Hydrochloride <5%, Amphoteric Surfactant Base <25%

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical State Viscous liquid
Appearance and Odour Light pink translucent solution. Very mild fragrance.
Evaporation Rate As water
Boiling Point 110°C
Freezing Point -20°C (at low temperature the solution may appear cloudy)
% Volatile (by weight) >95%
Solubility in Water (20°C) Soluble
pH 7.0 approximately
Specific Gravity 1.02 @ 20°C

Scrubbing directions:

  1. Wet hands thoroughly with water
  2. Rub hands palm to palm. hands and repeat
  3. Right hand over back of left
  4. Fingers linked in palms. Take one measure of MediScrub
  5. Rotate right hand around left thumb, change
  6. Rotate right hand around left wrist, change Change and repeat. hands and repeat

Handling and Storage:

Handling guidelines: Safe handling by trained professional staff in accordance with label instructions only. Not to be mixed with other chemicals. Keep from children.
Storage guidelines: Store in dry place not below 0°C or above 30°C and out of direct sunlight. Keep lidded. Keep from foodstuffs and drinks.

Stability and Reactivity:

No decomposition if stored and used as directed.
Hazardous decomposition products: If burnt, may produce irritating fumes.
If mixed with strong alkalis, may neutralize or reduce disinfectant qualities.

Exposure controls/personal protection:

Personal protection: Use with care, avoid eye contact and prolonged skin contact. External use only. Not for ingestion.
Skin contact: No significant hazard.
Eye contact: Low risk: may cause mild irritation but no serious damage.
Inhalation: No significant hazard. Inhalation (long term) No significant hazard.
Ingestion: Low risk: substantial ingestion will cause discomfort to mouth, throat and digestive tissues.

Transport information:

No special conditions apply. Not dangerous.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not mix with other chemicals.

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