Seralac Protect

Seralac Protect

New Unique Anitbacterial Coated PGA Suture 

Seralac Protect has a unique coating containing Poly (glycolide-co lactide) (90/10).

Synthetic absorbable suture, multifilament.

Half-life 15-20 days, absorption time 60-90 days. With the added advantage of antibacterial coating made of Chlorhexidine. 

Established use of Chlorhexidine – Antiseptic, Disinfectant, Preservative, Anti-plaque agent. The suture also has advantages of superior tensile strength and knot tying flexibility



Presented in 15m cassettes form.

A highly attractive alternative to Catgut is available in the following sizes:-

  • 0 USP EP 3.5
  • 1 USP EP 4
  • 2/0 USP EP 3
  • 3/0 USP EP 2
  • 4/0 USP EP 1.5

Key Features: 

Use a thinner suture with less intrusion at a higher tensile strength and special, easier knot tying with a thinner suture.

Special Interest Comment: 

A high level of complications from surgery are a result of infection. This unique new technology offers a solution to this issue and represents a huge advance and potential improvement in successful surgery outcomes. Furthermore Ethical Agents has made this new product available to the NZ market at a price similar to non antibacterial alternatives so a large advantage at minimal extra cost

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